Be patience, the 3.0.1 Upgrade for SexOrganizer Lite owner is on the way!

Some Lite owners have problem with the new 3.0.0 upgrade. The app crashed during the launch of the new upgraded 3.0.0 Lite version which caused the old 1.2.1 database conversion. Even the crash seems ugly there is no harm in the background, the new app deletes the old database only if it could convert it so in this case the old data was left intact. The important is that don’t panic and do not delete or modify the name of the partners as the new upgrade 3.0.1 will look for them when convert again the calendar data.

The new 3.0.1 upgrade with the correction is on the way, 1-2 days and it has to be reviewed and released by Apple.

Sorry again for the inconvenience, but the old database were some defected format which caused the failure but – as we mentioned above – it was fixed.

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