SexOrganizerLite 3.0.3 and full 3.0.4 are available on AppStore

The new upgrades target the 1.2.1 database issue on Lite and iPhone 5 user interface fix, but contains bug fixes and stability improvements too.

This upgrade will complete data transfer from 1.2.1 old databases which caused a very special problem of the accidental name change (SexOrganizerLite—»SexOrganizer) of the old 1.2.1 Lite app, but this is not affected of course the full version. As this is an undocumented bug it was very difficult to simulate and even we hope that our solution is working there is a small chance that the various upgrade paths and devices and iOS differences could cause  unprecedented situation. Our solution keeps intact the earlier database, so if there is a problem again please contact support  (Settings–About—feedback&support).

This upgrade fix the main menu problem on the bigger  iPhone 5 screen. We  repaired the share problem when somebody would like to share data on facebook, twitter or by mail.

If you have problem with the upgrade especially with the Lite version and you have no valuable data or you could replicate your data easily the best way to delete the earlier version and make a clean install it will work 100% and as the new version has a bullet proof new database you will be safe in the future.

Meantime to avoid any data loss in the future we are working on the iCloud version it will appear very soon…

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